crazy weather….

Last week we had more snow than I ever remember seeing… when all was said and done we had about seven or eight inches!  Just about all of us were able to get out and enjoy it.  There were several snowball fights, a snowman, and lots of sledding!  Daddy and the boys decided to build an igloo.

It turned out pretty roomy, versatile too as it was used not only as an igloo, but a teepee, a fort, an army hut, a restaurant, a train car, and so on.  (Children are so creative!)  The only problem we experienced was when Abigail decided it needed a window… naturally, devastation and tears followed but once everyone again became sane a slight repair job set it all straight. :)

Quite a work of art isn’t it?  No?  Well, the stranger that drove up into our driveway just to snap a picture of it might disagree with you!

Like I said, this igloo business was last week.  Today was almost short-sleeve weather!  Sara took some cute pictures of the little ones playing in the backyard.

God bless you all,


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