Scott County Churches

We were able to sing at a church yesterday morning that we had never been to before…. Natural Tunnel Independent Baptist Church.

natural tunnel sign

We had such a nice time, the people were very sweet and welcoming.  The Pastor and his sons have a quartet, we exchanged cds and have been enjoying listening to their music.

get in the van

Our grandparents came, it was nice to be able to visit…. and have someone to sit with the little ones! :)  We had an adventure afterwards when we went out to eat and all of us (including Daddy’s aunt that lives with us) and Papaw and Mamaw crammed into one booth.  It was oversized but still quite a feat for eleven people!

natural tunnel church

Jesse (7) did a really good job singing “They’ll Know We are Christians” with us!  Please be praying for us as we try to record our next cd.

speers ferry sign

Another church in Scott County we sang at recently is Speers Ferry Church.  We have been there several times and have really grown to love the people.  This is a church family that truly knows how believers ought to treat one another, they make you want to sing the song, “I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God..”

loading up

Here is Daddy unloading our van at Speers Ferry Church.  It is quite a job getting it all in there, the stroller, seven instruments (plus or minus), instrument stands, and a box of cds.. or two.  Then there are all those little things you have to check, “Sara did you pack your banjo picks?  How about my shoulder rest and the tuner?  Wait…. where is the baby?”  (Just to make it clear, we have never actually left any people.  That’s right, we have skills.)  If you think our van gets the overload when we have somewhere to sing you should see us go on vacation.  One time while on a vacation centered around a singing appointment Mommy said to me, “One day we’ll look back and wonder how we did this.”  I replied, “I don’t know how we’re doing it now!”  The Lord certainly gives us what we need for each step of the way.

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