Noah David

Meet the newest member of the Poff family!  Noah David was born on August 26th at 2:21 pm.  He is so tiny and precious!


Here he is looking straight at Mommy, so sweet.


Everyone was so excited seeing him for the first time.  Jesse was jumping up and down in this picture. :)


Birthday buddies… Noah and I are exactly 22 years apart.  He was the best birthday present ever!


“Can I hold him next, Sara?”


I like this picture….


and this one! :)


We all think Noah and Josiah look alike… what do you think?


Abigail loves the new baby.


When Noah got to come home, Stephen asked if he could take him outside to play.


Thank you Daddy, the sun is bright!  What a blessing little Noah is.


Mamaw and Papaw Watts were there to hold him.


Noah is the tenth grandchild on Mommy’s side of the family.  When Papaw first saw him he took off his hat and said, “I’ll take my hat off to number ten!”  We are all so happy little Noah is here.


Mamaw and Papaw Poff came by later, Noah is number ten on the Poff side too!


We finally convinced Papaw Poff to hold him for a picture!  Papaw had been sneezing and was afraid he might sneeze on Noah but when he picked him up, Noah sneezed on him!


Here is little Noah the next day on his first ride home in the van… I’ll post more pictures soon!


3 thoughts on “Noah David

  1. Oh!!! He is so precious! Thank you for the update and pictures. We can’t wait to meet Noah David. Love you all!

    • Thanks DeLane, we look forward to meeting your new little one too!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. Noah David is so precious and I just love the name. I’m so glad he’s healthy and happy. What a wonderful blessing.


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